Two weeks went by from when Nathan submitted his papers, and we all were getting a little anxious at our house...especially me...I'm not going to lie!  So on Sunday I told Nathan that I was going to ask the bishop if he knew the status of the call, and Nathan told me that he would take care of business! After Sacrament Meeting, I saw Nathan talking to the bishop, then he came back and told us that the call had still not been assigned.  We were pretty bummed, but figured that since the Missionary Department had had a few questions, the call would be delayed.  By Tuesday, and after a few more conversations with Nathan, we figured out that he wasn't quite sure what the bishop had said (this is why I should have handled things in the first place, right?!?), so Rick emailed the bishop.  On Wednesday we received an email from the bishop saying that the call was in-route if not already in our mailbox!  I was frantic, but in a trip to the mail box and to the post office (Brittani by my side!), we figured out it wouldn't be to our house until Thursday or Friday!

At around noon on Thursday, the nice lady named Joy from the post office gave me a call telling me that the call would be delivered that day!  I called Rick and cried, texted Nathan and cried, called Britt and cried, called my mom - she didn't answer, but I cried anyway, and texted Connor.  I went and had a quick lunch with Lori because they dropped Seth of at the MTC the day before, and then headed home where Brittani, Cody, and Nathan were ready to go to the mail box, and then start baking!!!

It was fun to see how excited Nathan was.  He kept holding the envelope saying "the next two years of my life is right here"!  Crazy!  We baked and baked, my mom came over and chopped and chopped, Rick took Connor to his lacrosse game, my mom went to Nathan's lacrosse game, and we finished getting everything ready at home.

By 8:45 people started filling our home.  Nathan got home from his lacrosse game about 9:00 with his whole team right behind him (this made for a stinky house!).  By the time Nathan opened his call, our house was packed full of people there to show support and love to my handsome son.  I couldn't help being overcome with emotion so many times that night, and many times since, because of how thankful I am for the village that has help us raise our boy.  There are so many people that have made a huge impact on Nathan's life, and each and every one of them were at our house last Thursday night.  Thank you.  Thank you for loving Nathan, for taking the time to really get to know him, for setting such a good example for him.  Thank you for being here.  I love you all.

After Nathan opened his call, his lacrosse team gave him a huge group hug!
This is what team is to me.  Support always.

^Even my sweet dad made the long trip to be here^

After the dust settled, and it was just our little family, Nathan quietly said, "Thank you, that was a perfect night."

It was.



Ever since he was a little little boy, he always wanted to serve a mission.  There was very little doubt in my mind that he would go.  I read the book "Mommy, Do I Have To Serve A Mission?" to him over and over again, and never got through it without ending up in tears.  I always knew it was coming, so why am I not more prepared?

He called me on Sunday just after his appointment with the stake president, and he simply said, "my papers are in".  I could hear the emotion in his voice and when I asked if he was okay, he cried as he told me how excited he was, and how happy he was.  I am so proud of this boy I call mine.  I'm so amazed by his courage, his strength, his love for others, and his testimony.  He quietly and consistently has made good choices throughout his life, and that has lead him to where he is today.  I'm thankful. Thankful for his example to me and to the rest of our family.  Thankful that he chose our home.  Thankful that he is my son.

The waiting game has begun.  We got an email yesterday from Church Headquarters asking a few questions, and the last email from them said that his papers would go in front of the brethren next week!  I wonder where he will go.  I can't think about if for very long or my heart hurts, but his papers are in, and Nathan is going on a mission.



I need to get better at writing down the funny things my family says.  There are so many times I think, I've got to remember that, and then I never do. So here you have the ones I did write down, and I'll do better next month!

+ "I'm just a little frustrated that no one puts me in charge." - Brittani
+ "I can't believe Nathan kissed 4 girls last night.  He earned some respect from me." - Connor
+ "I think I found my new calling in life - an extreme snowmobiler" - Cody
+ "There are 3 things I hate more than anything: running, Disneyland, and chafing" - Connor
+ "The reason black people can jump so high is because they have an extra bone." - Alvaro
+  At the roller derby - "Do you think they cup check those girls?" - Connor

Never a dull moment, my friends!


For our 2014 Christmas present, my mom gave us a trip to Island Park.  She rented a huge, beautiful cabin, and we all (well...most of us anyway!) gathered for snowmobiling, food, games, and fun!

We were there over Valentine's Day, so I brought stuff for a "Valentine Minute To Win It" game.  We broke up into teams of two had 6 different challenges.  It was a ton of fun!  Nathan and Teague ended up winning, and I can't remember the other placements... I mean, if you're not 1st, you're last, right?!?

We had 1 minute to stack as many conversation hearts as we could.

 ^^I know it looks like I'm winning, but my stack of hearts fell just before the buzzer so my score was a whopping 1!!!

 ^^The same thing happened to my teammate Rick...I warned him, but he didn't listen.  His score was also a 1!!!

The next challenge was to carry the hearts from a plate to a cup in the next room with chopsticks.  The winner was the team with the most hearts in the cup at the end of 1 minute.

We then had to stand about 5 feet away from our cups and see how many mini marshmallows we could get in the cup in 1 minute.

For our next challenge we put an oreo on our forehead and without using our hands, had to get the oreo from our forehead to our mouth.  The trick???  Scrunching your face!

We then had to see how many candy corns we could stand up on a plate in one minute.

And the last challenge was to knock down as many cups as you could in one minute, using the air from a balloon.  It was fun to see the different strategies!


My mom rented 10 snowmobiles, so we played and played, ALL DAY LONG!

+Nathan, Cody, and Tyson found some awesome jumps
+I had the most frightening ride of my life when I let Jaxon have total control of our snowmobile
+Connor's snowmobile caught on fire! No... I'm serious! Rick turned around and saw flames coming out of the side of Connor's snowmobile, and Connor had NO IDEA!
+Jen accidentally jumped off a ledge and her snowmobile rolled on top of her
+Brandi jumped off the same ledge and somehow was able to recover without crashing, even though her legs were flying behind her like a rag doll!
+Alvaro had a hard time figuring out how to get his snowmobile upright whenever it would tip
+My heart was still pounding from Jaxon's driving +We got lost twice because we were following Teague
+We somehow all made it back alive!

^Connor's snowmobile after the fire^


On Sunday, just our little family went out for a beautiful walk.  It was amazing!