We are actually here...6 months.

When people would tell me their missionaries had been out 6 months, I was so jealous - and now... LOOK AT US!

The time is starting to go faster, Sundays are coming quicker, and honestly it's getting a lot easier.

Six months down...but we still won't say how long to go!!!

 ^They received 4 feet of snow in less than 2 days, so they weren't able to drive anywhere.  Nathan said they shoveled, cleaned, shoveled, planned, and shoveled some more!



Top Five Google Searches:
1- Lamar Odom
2- Jurassic World
3- American Sniper
4- Caitlyn Jenner
5- Ronda Rousey

Top Finlayson Google Searches of 2015:
Rick - lds.org
Alicia - lds.org
Connor - College Football Rankings
Brittani - Babies Poop Consistency
Cody - he doesn't think he searched for anything more than once!!!

Most Compelling Stories:
1- The Pope Storms DC
2- Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
3- Mass Shootings
4- Iran Nuclear Deal
5- Gay Marriage Legalized

Finlayson Most Compelling Stories:
Rick - Lyndi
Alicia - Lyndi and Nathan Leaving
Connor - Lyndi and Getting Underweight
Brittani - Giving Birth
Cody - Becoming a Dad

Top Pop Songs:
1- Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
2- Cheerleader - OMI
3- Take Me To Church - Hozier
4- Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
5- See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

Finlayson Favorite Songs of 2015:
Rick - You Make My Speakers Go Boom Boom - Luke Bryan
Alicia - Girl Crush or Fight Song
Connor - Hot Line Bling - Drake
Brittani - Float - Pacific Air
Cody - Awake - Tycho

Film Critics Top 5 Movies:
1 - Mad Max: Fury Road
2- Spotlight
3- Carol
4- Inside Out
5- Brooklyn

Finlayson's Favorite Movies:
Rick - 50 Shades - yep!
Alicia - Cinderella or Pitch Perfect 2
Connor - Furious 7
Brittani - Age of Adeline
Cody - Creed

Facebook's Top Moments:
1- US Presidential Election
2- November 13 Attacks on Paris
3- Syrian Civil War and Refugee Crisis
4- Nepal Earthquakes
5- Marriage Equality

Top Country Songs:
1- Take Your Time - Sam Hunt
2- Girl Crush - Little Big Town
3- House Party - Sam Hunt
4- Kick The Dust Up - Luke Bryan
5- Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett

2015 Top Selfies:

Kim, Kanye and Hillary
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Queen Elizabeth Photobombing This Selfie
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Ellen's Oscars Selfie
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Tyra Bank's No Makeup Selfie

The Difference Between Men and Women Selfie

First Selfie Ever Taken In Space

#Blessed With Pope Frances Selfie

Top Events For The Finlayson Family In 2015:
1- Lyndi Ann joined the family
2- Nathan left to serve for two years
3- McDonald's started serving all day breakfast which completed Connor's life
4- Rick found the perfect blue puffy coat for $60.00
5- Brittani and Cody bought their first new car 



I had a hard time getting excited for Mexico this year.  We have done this thing as a family for years, and part of our family wasn't going to be there, and I didn't even know if I wanted to go.

I didn't do stockings.

I didn't do any bake sales or fundraisers.

I was in a full fledged pout...over going to Mexico...I seriously can be such a brat!

So I changed my attitude, packed and cleaned, and decided we were gong to have fun!  And we did.  We got to know some awesome people, we reconnected with friends we haven't seen for a few years, we worked, we played, we ate, we played games, and we had a great time.

The very best part was talking to Nathan on Christmas.  He looked so happy.

We are so blessed.

 ^Sunrise - leaving Utah^
 ^Sunset - in Arizona and still in the car^

 ^Entering Mexico^

 ^Lyndi was AMAZING on the drive down.  13 hours in the car and she only cried for about 1 minute!^
 ^Lyndi showing she is a true Utah fan, and also so happy to be out of the car!^


On Christmas morning we got up, opened presents, had breakfast burritos, and sat around the rest of the day waiting to talk to Nathan!  We knew he was going to call at 4:00 but we didn't want to go anywhere just in case we weren't back in time.  It actually was a very relaxing day! 

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I decided that Connor needed a big present this year.  Usually we just give our kids stockings and Mexico, but I thought Connor needed something more this year. Rick didn't agree!  The morning of Rick's work Christmas party, Rick and I were still trying to figure out how to come to some sort of a middle ground, and I felt like it was moving in a good direction - I was sure by the end of the day I would be booking a cruise for Connor's Christmas present!  That is my kind of middle ground!  Anyway, that night at the Christmas party, Rick got a hoverboard in a game we played!  It was perfect!  Rick wouldn't have to spend any money and Connor could have a great gift.  Win/win!

I think Rick was more excited to give it to Connor than I was, and Connor was so surprised!

Rick, Cody and Connor were doing races on it around the condos until they got in trouble with security, but I am quite certain if they could have finished the race, Rick would have won!

Getting ready to Skype our favorite missionary!

 Doesn't he look good?  I just wanted to squeeze him!^

In years past, Nathan and Cody take a wall and build the whole time while Connor had to be told what to do every 5 minutes.  This year we told Connor that without Nathan, we really needed him to step it up and work hard.  Connor did.  He set block, cleaned, and worked hard all three days.  It is so fun to see him turning into such a mature young man!  Rick and I were both so proud of him.


On New Year's Eve we went to the market, relaxed on the beach, and then ended up at the Valenzuela's house to party all night.  Brittani and Cody were planning on going with us and just staying as long as Lyndi was happy, but before we even left, Brittani and Lyndi were passed out!  So, we left the little Jacobs family at the condo and headed out for New Year's Eve Mexican Style!  That means fireworks, food, dancing, pinatas, loud music and family.  

Michelle's boyfriend David is from Chile, and one of their traditions is to make something like a scarecrow, fill it with fireworks, write down all of the things that you want to leave behind from the previous year, and set it on fire.  That is what this pig thing in the picture below is.  I think it is an awesome tradition, just not one that would fly in the US!

 You never really know what you are eating!  This was my dinner...I called it Bone Soup! 


And this is how we found Brittani and Cody when we got back to the condo!